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We are currently updating this website and refining our mission. Our focus at this time is supporting various charitable foundations in their fundraising and donation efforts.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, please support each other and be safe.

Dave and Amanda Repsher

About Dave Repsher

Dave Repsher has spent his life caring for others and reaping the benefits of all that Colorado and Mother Nature have to offer. Dave has spent most of his life in the Summit County, Colorado community as a first responder and as an avid outdoorsman—rafting, kayaking, skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and playing hockey. He combined his love of the outdoors and his desire to give back to his community first as a ski patroller on Copper Mountain, then as a paramedic, and finally as a Flight for Life Nurse.

On July 3, 2015, the Flight for Life helicopter on which Dave Repsher was a crew member, lifted off, immediately began spinning counterclockwise, and crashed into the parking lot next to the St. Anthony’s Summit Medical Center in Frisco, Colorado. Dave was ejected from the helicopter, and the fuel tank ruptured, spilling fuel onto the ground and saturating Dave’s clothes. A fire erupted almost immediately, and Dave suffered catastrophic full thickness burns to ninety-percent of his body.

For thirteen months, Dave fought for his life with the unrelenting love and support of his wife Amanda at his bedside. Amanda’s and Dave’s determination and courage, along with the incredible medical treatment and community outpouring of support, resulted in Dave’s release from the hospital in August of 2016. Dave faced an unknown future in renal failure and was dependent on dialysis to keep him alive, waiting for a kidney donation. That day came in August of 2017 when a Copper Mountain volunteer, in an incredibly selfless act, donated one of his own kidneys to Dave. And while Dave’s injuries and delicate skin condition limit the activities in which he can now participate, and he requires continuous treatments, surgeries, and therapies, Dave has overcome every obstacle to regain as much of his functionality, his mobility, and his life as he can. He returned to the outdoors as soon as he was able and can be seen frequently these days hiking in the mountains.

Dave and Amanda want to share their experiences and lend their support to other burn victims and to the cause of promoting flight safety for emergency medical responders. They will continue to update this website as the mission of the foundation moves forward. At this time, they welcome inquiries from others interested in these same endeavors.

The Case

Dave and Amanda filed suit against the manufacturer and seller of the helicopter, Airbus Helicopters, SAS, and Airbus Helicopters, Inc., and the operator of the helicopter, Air Methods Corporation. The lawsuit alleged that Airbus designed and manufactured a helicopter with a defective hydraulic switch and non-crashworthy fuel system. It also alleged that the seats installed by Air Methods after its purchase of the helicopter resulted in Dave being ejected from the helicopter on impact. The Complaint asserted that these defects caused the crash and the injuries to Dave.

Airbus Helicopters, SAS, Airbus Helicopters, Inc., and Air Methods agreed to pay the Repshers $100,000,000 in order to settle the case prior to trial. The Repshers intend to use some of the proceeds from the litigation to pursue the mission of the Foundation.